Stripe Integration

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that allows businesses to send and receive payments over the internet.

Integrating Stripe with Recko allows you to

  • Automate the entire process of reconciliation right from data import to transaction matching to revenue reporting.
  • Real-time synchronization of settlement data from Stripe to Recko.
  • Lifetime reconciliation of data across days, weeks, and months to avoid ambiguity due to spilling over of transactions.
  • Zero percent manual effort.

How Stripe works with Recko


Data modeling and preparation is a tedious task. One small mistake and you could end up losing a lot of money. With Recko, businesses can process large scale transactions in real-time with high accuracy. It makes reconciliation a breeze for your finance teams.

Integrating Stripe with Recko completely eliminates the manual efforts of downloading the data from Stripe and uploading it to Recko. The integration establishes a secure connection with Stripe that fetches the settlement data automatically. Finance teams can now cut through the noise of manual efforts & focus on scaling their business.

Do you use Stripe to process your payments?

Recko can help your finance team save 98% of the time spent on reconciliation.

Modernize your finance operations today

Recko tracks and analyzes financial transactions, revenue receivables, payables and contract discrepancies with 100% accuracy.