Scale your finance operations with our trusted partner ecosystem

Recko has partnered with various industry experts and payment endpoints to solve challenges in financial operations using technology and innovation.

Integrations we offer

Payment Service Providers

Automate ingestion of settlement reports from payment service providers to get a single source-of-truth.

Cloud Storage

Streamline consistent data from various cloud sources and account for them; in real-time.

Banks & Payment Processors

Integrate with multiple banks for a seamless supplier and partner disbursement experience.

ERP and Accounting

Ensure consistency across different ERP and Accounting solutions at all times.

Ecommerce Platforms

Gain order-level clarity on settlements related to sales, commissions, fees, and more.


Import data into Recko by integrating with various business-critical applications.

Drive assurance into your finance operations today

Recko tracks and analyzes financial transactions, revenue receivables, payables and contract discrepancies with 100% accuracy.