Streamline transactions across hyperlocal aggregators

Gain complete visibility into all your financial data, and settle payments with your restaurant partners and vendors with ease.

Process complex order volumes for your on-demand services

Track all transactions across your distribution network, with zero tolerance leakage rules

Perform complex fee calculations for your aggregators, partners & vendors

Process accurate fees and refunds for quick vendor settlements

Robust API integrations pre-built for hyperlocal networks

Connect with a variety of vendor platforms via APIs to unify financial operations

Eliminate write-offs and visualize localized orders at a net level

Plug revenue leaks by gaining granular insights into your financial data

Monitor payments, agreements, and commissions across your entire hyperlocal network

Secure platform for transactions, payouts, commission calculations, and rate card agreements
Seal revenue leaks at receivable levels by tracking payment successes and failures
Retrieve and analyze transactions from a lifetime store of data
Manage all daily transactions with your vendors and aggregators

Manage all daily transactions with your vendors and aggregators

  • Instantly reconcile for different revenue streams, CoD, Marketplace Settlement, Payment Gateway, and Wallet
  • Manage all cash flow in your nodal/escrow accounts
  • Proactively eliminate double payments, payment discrepancies, and settlement disputes

Regulate transactions from cloud kitchens, supermarkets, online/offline stores, and marketplaces

Track transactions from multiple booking avenues- standalone offline/online stores, and marketplaces
Expand into new services and offerings to go to market faster than before
Quickly settle refunds for an improved order fulfillment process across different payment options

Scale your e-commerce business with our highly customizable financial operations platform today

Recko tracks and analyzes financial transactions, revenue receivables, payables and contract discrepancies with 100% accuracy.