Handle tele-consultations, bookings, and medicine deliveries effortlessly

Quickly enable diverse and complex healthcare use cases such as reconciliation for nodal/current/escrow account with our specialized finance operations platform

Scale with growing medical transaction volumes

Process financial transactions at scale and get real-time insights

Quickly expand to new geographies globally

Leverage our comprehensive integrations and robust partner ecosystem to grow

Robust API integrations pre-built for hyperlocal networks

Implement zero-tolerance leakage checks across all healthcare services

Open new use cases with our flexible APIs

Expand into complementary services with a dependable financial operations stack

Provide uninterrupted health services by handling large scale transactions

Handle bookings from multiple sources - hyperlocal pharmacies/medical centers, online supply stores, telehealth consultations, and more
Ensure timely and accurate payments to pharmacy owners and healthcare providers by simplifying payout processes
Monitor payment successes/failures from payment partners, track aged orders, plug leaks in your receivables, and retrieve money effectively
Drive transparency and security into complex financial healthcare data

Drive transparency and security into complex financial healthcare data

  • Establish strict financial controls to ensure you are charged and paid the right amount
  • Compute complex commissions based on - SKU, category, logistics, etc., for every booking made
  • Perform operations with top-notch security and adhere to compliance standards such as PCI DSS, ISO along with regular VAPT checks

Provide improved healthcare services to your members and patients

Enable seamless end-to-end data flow between internal systems, payment partners, and banking platforms
Quickly accommodate all new payment options including wallets, logistic partners, payment gateways that you onboard
View all rules and rate-card agreements on a lifetime and historical basis that you have set up at a net level

Scale your e-commerce business with our highly customizable financial operations platform today

Recko tracks and analyzes financial transactions, revenue receivables, payables and contract discrepancies with 100% accuracy.