Bring transactional visibility and scale to your E-commerce business

Support innovative fintech use cases and enable customer-centric financial operations workflows directly from Recko

Built to handle massive customer order volumes

Process and get insights on complex transactions with ease

Automate complex commission models

Calculate and settle complex commissions, refunds & chargebacks to vendors/sellers

Launch new product lines faster

Expand into new product lines 4X faster with a dependable financial operations infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate with robust APIs

Integrate with service provider platforms from a range of readily available plugins

Automate complex commissions, refunds and cancellations across vendors

Compute commissions based on SKUs, Category, logistics, volume etc., for every sale made
Analyze rate-card agreements on a lifetime basis to improve margins and profitability
Monitor refunds or cancellations being processed and reconcile them with sale transactions in real-time
Manage omni-channel transactional volumes with ease

Manage omni-channel transactional volumes with ease

  • Perform Payment Gateway Reconciliation, CoD Reconciliation, Logistic Reconciliation, Payout Reconciliation etc., for every new partner onboarded
  • Reconcile with your nodal or current accounts with ease across multiple engagement channels
  • Ensure timely payments to merchants with a simplified payout process

Incorporate new business verticals instantaneously as you grow across regions

Implement new user-centric financial logic into business/ workflows instantly
Enable seamless data integration between internal systems, payment partners and banking platforms
Quickly onboard new payment instruments, logistic partners, payment gateway services etc

Scale your e-commerce business with our highly customizable financial operations platform today

Recko tracks and analyzes financial transactions, revenue receivables, payables and contract discrepancies with 100% accuracy.